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We started as a Google group and small meetup that has grown to encompass many people, ideas, projects, solutions, and challenges that using data in India presents. This event will help foster a stronger$

Data Camp will be a one day unconference. This will be a place for people who are working with data from many different sectors to come together and share their projects and ideas.

Data is not just for technologists and researchers -- journalists, government workers, designers, and NGOs all use or want data in some way shape or form and in India the challenges around getting data a$

This includes looking at how to make data open so that it’s potential to create more accountability and transparency to improve policies and implementation of projects across industry, citizen sector org$

Data Camp will provide that platform for Indians to work out what are the problems around getting data and using it to further their projects and enhance the impact they want to make.

Thejesh GN - thej [at] datameet [.] org

Nisha Thompson - nisha [at] datameet [.] org

Upcoming DataCamp

  • [[Data Practices Workshop| Data Practices Workshop: The Environment - Thoughtworks Bangalore]]

Previous DataCamps


  • [[odcblr2017| OpenDataCamp Bangalore 2017 - Google]]
  • [[odcblr2016| OpenDataCamp Bangalore 2016 - Google]]
  • [[sensor_workshop| Sensor Workshop for Kids @ODCBLR2016]]
  • [[odcblr2015| OpenDataCamp Bangalore 2015 - On April 11, at Google]]
  • [[odcblr2014| OpenDataCamp Bangalore 2014 - On March, at Google]]
  • [[odcblr2013| OpenDataCamp Bangalore 2013 - On March 2-3, at Christ College]]
  • [[odcblr2012| OpenDataCamp Bangalore 2012 - On March 24, at Google]]


  • [[odwche2012| Open Data WorkShop - Chennai 2012 - On August 03-05, at Transparent Chennai, IFMR]]


  • [[ODCDEL17| OpenDataCamp Delhi, 2017 - The Sarai Programme, CSDS]]
  • [[odcdelhi2015| OpenDataCamp Delhi 2015 - On November 22, at the Sarai programme, CSDS]]
  • [[odcdelhi2014| OpenDataCamp Delhi 2014 - On November 15, at ADIANTA ]]


  • [[odchyd2012| OpenDataCamp Hyderabad 2013 - On June 23, at Indian School of Business]]
  • [[odchyd2014| OpenDataCamp Hyderabad 2014 - On June 28, at Indian School of Business]]