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Line 70: Line 70:
           </​tr><​tr>​           </​tr><​tr>​
             <td> 10:15am - 10.55am </td>             <td> 10:15am - 10.55am </td>
-            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Main Talk</b> <br> By </td>+            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Karnataka State Pollution Control Board</b> <br> By Dr Nagappa, Scientific Officer</td>
           </​tr><​tr>  ​           </​tr><​tr>  ​
             <td> 11:00am - 11:10am </td>             <td> 11:00am - 11:10am </td>
Line 76: Line 76:
           </​tr><​tr>​           </​tr><​tr>​
             <td> 11:15am - 12.00PM </td>             <td> 11:15am - 12.00PM </td>
-            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Talk 2</​b></​td>​+            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Environmental Support Group</​b></​td>​
           </​tr><​tr>​           </​tr><​tr>​
             <td> 12:00pm - 01.00PM </td>             <td> 12:00pm - 01.00PM </td>
-            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Talk 3</​b></​td>​+            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Water Dr. Priyanka Jamwal</​b><​br>​ Environmental Researcher who currently is a fellow in ATREE. Her work focuses on identification of contaminant sources in surface water bodies, modeling the fate and transport of contaminants in urban hydrological systems and assessing the risk to human health due to exposure to contaminants. ​</​b></​td>​
  </​tr><​tr>​  </​tr><​tr>​
             <​td>​01:​00PM - 02.00PM</​td>​             <​td>​01:​00PM - 02.00PM</​td>​
Line 85: Line 85:
  </​tr><​tr>​  </​tr><​tr>​
             <​td>​02:​00PM - 03.00PM</​td>​             <​td>​02:​00PM - 03.00PM</​td>​
-            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Talk 4</​b></​td>​+            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Pollution Data Collection Demos</​b>​ <​br>​Sensors without Borders, IndiaSpend*,​ Hindustan Times, YUKTIX - Open Weather Network Bangalore, India Open Data Association¬†
  </​tr><​tr>​  </​tr><​tr>​
             <​td>​03:​00PM - 03.15PM</​td>​             <​td>​03:​00PM - 03.15PM</​td>​
Line 91: Line 92:
  </​tr><​tr>​  </​tr><​tr>​
             <​td>​03:​15PM - 03:​45PM</​td>​             <​td>​03:​15PM - 03:​45PM</​td>​
-            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Talk 5</​b></​td>​+            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Getting to 12 PM 2.| Setting the context for Action!</​b><​br>​ Sensing Local is a Bengaluru based do-tank focused towards making cities healthier, safer and more inclusive. The studio is working in partnership with Anti Pollution Drive (APD) Foundation, Mangalore towards a collaborative project on tackling air pollution. (https://​ ​</​b></​td>​
  </​tr><​tr>​  </​tr><​tr>​
             <​td>​03:​45PM - 04:​45PM</​td>​             <​td>​03:​45PM - 04:​45PM</​td>​
-            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Talk 6</​b></​td>​+            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Urban Emissions</b><​br>​By Sarath Guttikunda</td>
  </​tr><​tr>​  </​tr><​tr>​
             <​td>​04:​45PM - 05.30PM</​td>​             <​td>​04:​45PM - 05.30PM</​td>​
-            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Group conversation and planning session on response to Geospatial Information Regulation Bill 2016</​b></​td>​+            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Group conversation and planning session on response to Geospatial Information Regulation Bill 2016</​b>​<br> By Volunteers of</td>
  </​tr><​tr>​  </​tr><​tr>​
             <​td>​05:​30PM - 06.00PM</​td>​             <​td>​05:​30PM - 06.00PM</​td>​
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