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  </​tr><​tr>​  </​tr><​tr>​
             <​td>​03:​45PM - 04:​45PM</​td>​             <​td>​03:​45PM - 04:​45PM</​td>​
-            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Urban Emissions ​- Sarath Guttikunda</​b></​td>​+            <td colspan="​3"><​b>​Urban Emissions</​b>​<​br>​By Sarath Guttikunda</td>
  </​tr><​tr>​  </​tr><​tr>​
             <​td>​04:​45PM - 05.30PM</​td>​             <​td>​04:​45PM - 05.30PM</​td>​
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