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Data Practices Workshop


While availability of open data from governmental, as well as non-governmental, sources in India is expanding, the discussion around them often tends to focus more on questions of technical and legal nature of the data being made openly available, and not enough on concerns of data collection practices, documentation and metadata standards, sensitivity and privacy concerns, and sector-specific and scale-specific demands for open data.

DataMeet, The Bachchao Project & Gubbi Labs proposes to organise a series of workshops discussing data practices in the environment sector, and documenting and addressing the concerns arising from them.

This proposal is based upon the experiences of organising a series of annual Open Data Camps, sector-specific and occupation-specific training workshops, as well as the studies on the state of open government data in India (2011) and the data practices of research and advocacy organisations in India (2015).

Data Practices is a series of events held with non-profits and communities to understand, discuss and build upon the best practices to follow while working with open data.


Chinmayi SK (the Bachchao Project), Project Lead: Is the founder of The Bachchao Project , she works on creating sustainable and responsible frameworks to integrate technology solutions for non-profits in the Gender Rights Domain.She is the global coordinator for Random Hacks of Kindness. She supports the technical and policy needs of numerous groups and organisations such as Internews, Safecity, Breakthrough, Flone, Geeks Without Bounds, and Bailancho Saad. She conducts infosec trainings for grassroots activists and open data professionals, and has held cryptoparties in India. She has helped create opsec for not-for-profit organisations such as Zariya. She writes articles on digital security in various publications and is a part of a team studying privacy issues of mobile phone-based panic buttons in India E-mail:

Nisha Thompson (DataMeet), Project Lead: Nisha Thompson has a background in online community organizing. She has worked for the Sunlight Foundation in Washington DC, with online communities to use US government data to hold elected officials accountable. She moved to Bangalore in October 2010 where contributed to a research report on Open Government Data in India for the Centre for Internet and Society. Then was manager of the Data Project for Arghyam, a Trust that funds water and sanitation projects around the country.She believes open information and data sharing can bring people together and allow them to better understand their society and how they can improve it. E-mail:

Sudhira HS (Gubbi Labs), Project Lead: Sudhira has a PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. He has established and leads Gubbi Labs, a private research collective that works on a host of domains ranging from sustainable ecosystems to liveable settlements using trans-disciplinary approaches. He is a researcher and a neogeographer using and propagating free-and-open-source mapping tools, making maps of cities and ecosystems. Aside, he teaches at Srishti Institute, volunteers with India Literacy Project (ILP) and advises Kabadiwalla Connect. Email:


  • To understand current attitudes and methods NGOs and public institutions in various sectors have regarding the data they use or publish.
  • To evolve good data practices and concepts for NGOs and public institutions from across India in the environmental sector.
  • To discuss data privacy and security issues with NGOs and public institutions.
  • Assessment of needs (security, privacy, data management) and recommendation for path going forward.
  • To start working towards practical guides and checklists for various stakeholders

When and Where

November 29th to December 1st

Thoughtworks Bangalore


Space is limited please register in order to be guaranteed a spot.


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