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 **Arpit Deomurari** **Arpit Deomurari**
-Coming Soon+Arpit has an experience of more than 14 years in the non profit sector. He had worked with various NGOs and Corporates including Foundation For Ecological Security, Wildlife Trust of India and before joining WWF-India as a Coordinator - GIS and Conservation Technology, focusing on Data Management, Technology, Spatial Ecology and Biodiversity Informatics. His domain revolves around GIS and Remote Sensing, Data Management and Analytics with special emphasis on NRM and Conservation. He had conceptualized and built various systems for effectively harvesting big spatial data and use it for better insights into tackling ground level issues. He is a recipient of the Carl Zeiss Award for Wildlife Conservation 2012 and is an avid birder and bird photographer with many publications in national and international books, scientific journals and monographs. ​
 **VK Madhavan** **VK Madhavan**
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