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Open Data Camp Bangalore - 2017 - Apr 22-23

Bangalore Open DataCamp it is an annual conference that aims to create a space to discuss the challenges and experiences of using data in India with the aim of promoting an open data culture in government and the private sector.

Public Health!

Malnutrition, dengue, Swatchh Bharath, diabetes, breastfeeding, pollution, infant mortality, maternity health, polio, height, sitting all day

What do all these things have in common? They are all indicators of the health status of the general population, in other words the state of Public Health. It is universally accepted that a healthier population is smarter, more productive, create more economic opportunities, provide stability, and allow for more participation in public life.

How is India performing? What work is happening and what needs to be done? India's health indicators have not been matching its GDP growth. But what does that mean? What does the data say? What are the privacy concerns and how to we protect personal information?

Come share your experiences on accessing information on health!


Who is Organizing?

DataMeet comprises a group of over 1500 people from across the country who share data, lessons, projects, and tools to improve the access and understanding of data. It is primarily a civic minded group that believe data and technology can add value to the lives of citizens.

Every year Bangalore DataMeet hosts open data event that looks at a particular theme through data. Two years ago we spent two days playing with Election data and freed the Parliamentary and Assembly Constituency shapefiles, last year we looked at education data and are working with the NCERT on trying to bring more data into the open.

The DataMeet community are the organizers of this event, primary contacts are, Nisha Thompson and Thejesh GN.
Nisha Thompson is the Lead Organizer for DataMeet.
Thejesh GN is a Technologist who works with Mavrix, and DataMeet, and has a passion for open data.

What is open data?

“Open data is data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone – subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and sharealike.”

Can I speak?

Please contact the organizers with your topic and we will assess whether it fits.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! Please contact the organizers and sign up to volunteer!

How can you help?

For this event to be successful we need your help. We need to be able to bring together a wide variety of individuals from the sector and that is why we are asking for a larger travel budget. 5 lakhs will be able to bring people from all over the country to talk and share their experiences.

We also need help with recording video and other costs like printing signs.

For your support you will receive multiple mentions during the event and also signs will be posted around the venue.

Are there travel grants?


Can i watch a Webcast or Participate remotely ?

There is no provision as of now for Webcast , however you can be on IRC , Freenode Network , channel #datameet, hopefully people will be chatting about the event. That said we do record the talks and upload to YouTube account.

Code of Conduct

Please read the full Code of Conduct but shorter version is

We have a few ground rules that we ask people to adhere to. This code applies equally to founders, mentors and those seeking help and guidance. Be nice to everyone involved. Be friendly and patient. Be respectful. Be considerate. Do not spam. Be careful in the words that you choose. Agree to disagree. Contact us at if you face any issues.


ODC Day 1


ODC Day 2



Google India Bangalore
No. 3, RMZ Infinity - Tower E, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Floors
Swamy Vivekananda Rd, Bennigana Halli
Bangalore, Karnataka 560016, India


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