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 === ODCBLR Hyderabad Preevent ==== === ODCBLR Hyderabad Preevent ====
-Background ​Bangalore Open Data Camp is happening on  March 22nd and 23rd!  ​+Calling data and code enthusiasts in HyderabadPlease show up to learn and to contribute to a common pool of election data resources.
-This is our 3rd Camp!  We are excited to be doing a deep dive into Election data this year!  ​The Loka Sabha Election is providing us a great opportunity to look at how this information is accessed, used, and ways to improve how we use data during elections. We will also be looking ​at accountability data and exploring data used in election coverageThe 2nd day there will be a Hackathon with Oorvani Foundation and others+[[http://​​|Hyderabad Urban Labs]] hosts on March 8, a pre event for Open Data Camp 2014 Bangalore. ​The day long event starting ​at 9 AM going on till 3 PM will be at Hyderabad institute of Liberal Arts on Banjara Hills Road No11
-​odcblr2014+The Open Data Camp is an annual event in Bangalore with several followup events in other cities where data and code enthusiasts,​ professionals,​ students and open source activists gather upThis year's theme for the main ODC is 2014 Election Data.
-There is a necessity ​to build corpus ​of data for the main event , in this preevent we will be doing exactly that , building a Hundi (Hyderbad urban network for data initiatives) ​of Data for the commons.+The idea is to create ​large common pool of openly accessible ​data for analysis and visualizations. 
 +This will be of interest ​for everyone interested in open data and its politics. But in general ​the sessions are technical in nature and most useful for people who work with geospatial data.
 Date : 8th March 2014 Date : 8th March 2014
-Location : Hyderabad ​Institute ​of Liberal ​Arts, +Location : [[https://​​site/​20wola/​contact-us | Hyderabad ​institute ​of Liberal ​arts]]
 403, B block, Delta Seacon, ​ 403, B block, Delta Seacon, ​
 Road 11, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034. ​ Road 11, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034. ​
-[[http://​​|Hyderabad Urban Labs]] has been gracious to host us , and [[https://​​site/​20wola/​contact-us | Hyderabad institute of Liberal arts]] provides us the Venue  
 **Agenda: ** **Agenda: **
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   * Scraping Election Data   * Scraping Election Data
-  * Liberating PDFs+  * Liberating PDFs : Convert election data from PDFs to open formats.
   * https://​​anandology/​opendata-ge2014 ​   * https://​​anandology/​opendata-ge2014 ​
   * https://​​datameet/​india-election-data   * https://​​datameet/​india-election-data
-This year we will be doing pre events +  * From District to Constituencies - Dealing ​with the shape file issues around MP/MLA constituencies. ​
-Free the PDF - A one day hackathon that will continue the 2nd day of the conference to convert election data from PDFs to open formats. +
-From District to Constituencies - A workshop with Geo Bangalore on dealing ​with the shape file issues around MP/MLA constituencies. ​ +
- +
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   - http://​​archive/​   - http://​​archive/​
   - http://​​INDAT2012/​india-development-indicators-2012   - http://​​INDAT2012/​india-development-indicators-2012
- +  - http://​​ 
- +  - https://​​pdfliberation
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