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On Sunday 23rd March @ Google Bangalore

We have three tracks for the hackathon based on the datasets. The datasets will hopefully be available locally at the event in a considerably sane format for everyone to consume. More details soon.

We will add details about the datasets whenever we have them. Meanwhile, if you have ideas, please populate the sections below.

Main event website: Open Data Camp 2014

1. Election Data

The Election Data is broadly what we have been collecting in the Datameet Github repository. If you have ideas on what we can do with the data, please note them below:

Types of Data Present


  1. Mapping voter perception with growth indicators
  2. Creating Tools to help voters find their polling location
  3. Scrape Bangalore - Polling locations and adding it to
  4. Match candidate names across years.

2. Census Data

Datasets 2011 Household Tables and Primary Census Abstract


  1. Can we work on getting Census data in to electoral constituencies?
  2. Consolidate census data from here per state. - either one table of all variable for the whole country. Or all variables per state in a table.
  3. Calculate percentage of missing voters using Census and Electoral voting data for each constituency.
    1. This is tricky. Census is always at the district level and it will involve aggregating the voters list to the district level.

3. Data Journalism

Ideas to create with Journalists

  1. What are some of the most used words, phrases, promises on politicians websites?
  2. What are political parties talking about the most?
  3. How are the schemes doing? Can we tie them to MP/MLA constituencies and assess how an elected official has performed?

4. Misc Ideas

  1. Find all the datasets that is shared on the datameet Google groups and create a catalog.
  2. Write/draft letter to ECI about releasing the AC/PC shapefiles.
  3. New election method to store upcoming election data properly, so that new data are not at least messed up and a unique election process(migrants can vote for location they belong).
  4. Requirements for Mr PG. Bhat, crawler to get pdfs from set of domains and Epic query at “

Supporting Datasets - Mega List

  1. OpenBangalore - Public Transport, Infrastructure, Geographic, Weather, Law and Order, Census.
  2. Karnataka Learning Partnership - Schools, Infrastructure, Reports.
  3. India Election Data - DataMeet Github repository.
  4. PRS MP Track - Attendance, Questions of Lokasabha MPs

Tools and Tips

  1. Iconic - Amazing collection of Icons, SVG
  2. Tabula - Extract data from PDFs
  3. SVG Crowbar - Export inforgraphics in your browser to images.
  4. - Create quick and dirty maps with points, lines and polygons.
  5. - GDAL (read raster) for Python
  6. 0to255 - Color picker.
  7. - Allow spatial queries in the browser.
  8. Datawrapper - Create simple embeddable charts quickly.
  9. Coherent PDF Command line tools - Powerful, free tools to manipulate PDF files
  10. PeePDF - Python PDF analysis tool.
  11. Tabletop.js - Interface for Google Spreadsheet.
  12. Miso Dataset - Client-side data transformation and management library
  13. d3.chart - Reusable charts using d3.js
  14. Mapsheet.js - Create quick maps using Google Spreadsheet.
  15. tablesorter.js - Client-side table sorting based on jQuery.


Google India Bangalore
No. 3, RMZ Infinity - Tower E, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Floors
Swamy Vivekananda Rd, Bennigana Halli
Bangalore, Karnataka 560016, India

Working Projects

  1. New election method to store upcoming election data properly using UID, keeping track of various things at single location (Voter ID, Driving License, etc..), conducting elections online( still voting for constituency you belong to) and Check, update and sync your data with your details that government has.
  2. Requirements for Mr PG. Bhat, 1) crawler to get pdfs from set of domains and 2)Epic query at “” -Ajeet jha, Rahul choudhury, kotresh
  3. Visualisation of Lok Sabha candidates 2014 using SVG map from Wikipedia PC. - Santu, Kiran.
  4. Politicians website sentiment analysis - Arun, Saurabh.
  5. What are some of the most used words, phrases, promises on politicians websites? - Swaroop, is the Hackathon Github Link
  6. Polling station navigation - Himanshu, Venkata.
  7. Census data consolidation - Abhimanyu, Sumandro, Sidharth.
  8. Candidate popularity based on previous election results. - Nivedita, Jayavanth.
  9. Hyderabad public transport data - Harsha, Dev.
  10. Clean up parliament constituency lat/lng - Chandrasekhar, Sidharth.
  11. Census data consolidation and mapping - Karthik Kadambi,Avinash Pandey,Kishore Patil,Gaurav
  12. Create a catalog of datasets shared on the Datameet list - Sajjad. Watch results here.
  13. What does your party do? - A look at the aims/objectives of Indian Political Parties - @kenneth
  14. Interactive visualization of the voter's perception with growth indicator for survey report done by Daksha(work still in progress) - Atul, Prashant, Sindhu MS , Varun , Ashutosh .
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